Ventilation / Air Filtration

Effective ventilation and air filtration are critical to maintaining excellent indoor air quality.

Household air quality can be compromised in a number of ways. Harmful dust and allergens, and dampness and mould can contribute to an unhealthy home environment. External pollutants can enter your home through poor ventilation. We now know that most manufactured household goods contribute to off-gassing – the release of airborne particulates or chemicals. That “new smell” when you buy a new sofa or replace your carpet is actually off-gassing. These can all be a real threat to your health.

Heat recovery ventilation (HRV) systems are proven to improve the overall efficiency and health of your home by circulating fresh air throughout. While an HRV system actively draws in fresh air and exhausts stale air, it also helps to prevent mould and fungal growth in the home.

Air filtration products, such as electronic air cleaners and UV light filters, capture air particles at the source and release clean air back into the environment. 

An HRV and air filtration system can work together to make your home environment a more healthful, comfortable place to live. Breathe easy.

Nova Heating sells and installs all the latest in ventilation and air filtration equipment to keep the air you breathe inside your home as clean and as free from pollutants as possible.  We can retrofit bathroom fans in bathrooms that do not have one, install ducting for kitchen hood fan renovations, and are certified for mechanical ventilation checklists required by building inspectors.

Wondering how you can improve the air quality in your home? Contact us for more information.