Gas-Fired Appliance Servicing

All gas-fired appliances should be professionally serviced regularly – once per year – to keep them running safely, efficiently, and for longer. 

At Nova Heating, we provide a thorough, extensive inspection and service for all makes of furnaces, fireplaces, water heaters and most boilers. We carry key tools and instruments – like gas and carbon monoxide detectors, and combustion analyzers – to accurately identify major issues with your appliance.  Our extensive network of wholesalers and suppliers allows us to readily source any parts necessary with a quick turnaround and reasonable price. 

Nova Heating technicians have product factory training, are TECA certified, and carry level B gas tickets. With over 70 years in the trade, Nova has the experience, knowledge and “whatever it takes” commitment to repair or fine-tune your gas-fired appliance with as little downtime as possible. As a family-run business for three generations, safety (for our clients and ourselves) has always been our top priority, so you’re in good hands with us.

Time to service your gas-fired appliance? Contact us for a free estimate today!