Air Conditioner & Heat Pump Servicing

It’s important to keep your outdoor condenser and evaporator maintained to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Having air conditioners and heat pumps professionally cleaned and serviced periodically will improve their efficiency, reduce energy bills and prolong the life of the unit.  

Nova Heating provides thorough servicing and repairs of residential conventional and ductless air conditioners and heat pumps. Nova has accounts with all local HVAC/R wholesalers, which grants us quick access to necessary parts at reasonable prices.

We carry the latest tools and technology to detect refrigerant leaks, which are harmful to humans and the environment. Though refrigerant leaks are normally associated with a/c systems, did you know that heat pumps also use – and can leak – refrigerant? Keep leaks at bay with regular professional maintenance and servicing.

Time to service your air conditioner or heat pump? Contact us for a free estimate today!